AMI BridgeLink


Full Integration, with a compact new concept

The centralised monitoring solution provided by an Integrated Bridge System has been available to marine crews on modern vessels for some time.

The Integrated Bridge not only interfaces all critical functions such as ECDIS, Radar, Power, Steering, Security and Comms into one location for personnel to monitor, it reduces workload and improves Officer efficiency.

BridgeLink, developed and manufactured by AMI Marine, and featuring ServoWatch software, takes this concept one step further, offering customers technological innovation and exceptional integration flexibility.

BridgeLink is comprised of a 44” 4K High Definition screen, mounted into an angle adjustable stabilized platform, and full suspension operator’s chair with armrest display that interfaces with the main unit.

BridgeLink is suitable for:

  • Commercial Vessels
  • Fisheries
  • Superyachts
  • Deep sea or Survey
  • Naval Defence

SOLAS Compliance:

BridgeLink integrates all the required equipment for SOLAS Communication and Navigation compliance, including but not limited to:
  • Watch receiver
  • Shore based maintenance
  • Ship Security Alert System
  • General Alarm System
  • Radio telephones
  • AIS Requirements
  • Public Address

Supply and Installation


A vessel operator can expect a bridge package fully customised to their requirements, and the added efficiency of AMI’s Australasian Service Network to implement the install and integration.

AMI is widely experienced in the design and manufacture of customised marine electronic equipment and componentry, including various works for Naval Defence, Coastguard, Commercial and Leisure projects.

The economical refit solution

The economical refit solution Z-Line is BridgeLink’s quick fit option for full bridge integration. This system can be installed as part of an AMI supply and service package, meeting the dynamic turnaround requirements of commercial or defence vessels to be back out to sea and operationally ready.

Full control at your fingertips

With everything at a glance, operators have the resources for quick decision making and rapid reaction to alerts and notifications

The chart table with more

Flexible Z-Line is extremely compact, a strong and sturdy chart table that adjusts to a 45 or 90 angle, with quadrant or single screen dashboard controlled by the operator’s tablet interface.

A fully customisable complete enclosed bridge system

For new builds, AMI present the Elite Series, a full bridge interfacing all included hardware and software for termination on the vessel. AMI will custom design the project to your requirements, and manage from concept to completion.

BridgeLink Servowatch Marine Automation & Integrated Ship Solutions


BridgeLink Servowatch is the ideal integrated software solution for commercial and naval vessels around the world.

Access to near real-time information, delivered wherever you need it.

BridgeLink is the world’s best marine software interface for delivering the ‘state of the art’ performance; it has been specially designed for the marine sector with its user friendly interface making it easier to perform complicated tasks.

The latest version of the software has generations of applied know-how behind it, allowing for scalability, flexibility and easy, simple upgrades throughout the lifetime of your vessel.

Written and developed by an award winning software development department. It is this specific knowledge of maritime solutions and experience in ship systems that allow you to benefit from a world class software interface with an advanced yet user friendly graphical interface that is unrivaled in its market sector.

As each solution is tailored to your specific need, you will have the information and control you need to keep your vessel operating efficiently. Full integration across the vessel is possible as the software has been designed to be flexible so that it easily interfaces with all your 3rd Party products on board through Plug in Modules.

BridgeLink supports fast device configuration, effective diagnostic tasks, and provides ease of use to users with the following critical features:


  • Flexible multi-point access to system components
  • Operating availability through replicated databases
  • Communication with hardware across industry standard protocols using TCP and serial links
  • Peer-to-Peer redundant networking for robust operation


  • Intelligent operator interface for simplifying complex systems management
  • Premium performance on i7 processor platform to support high density systems
  • Near real-time database management replicated across the dual network providing database redundancy
  • Dedicated Render Engine for 3D graphics
  • Adaptability through extensive plugin library
  • Uses Windows Open Architecture to support backwards compatibility of software

Software Configuration

  • Supports independent tuning / adjustment of RTUs
  • In-service passive monitoring by remote access to the platform (subject to local security requirements)
  • Automatic configuration of new or replacement parts across networks
  • Interfaces to 3rd party systems through a dedicated configuration tool