Kelvin Hughes

Since the 1940's, Kelvin Hughes has been supplying IMO type approved radar to the commercial shipping fleet, fishing boat fleet and workboats and is continually developing new products and navigation equipment to take advantage of the latest technologies in a way that brings confidence, reliability and low cost of ownership to the professional mariner and shipping operators.

Kelvin Hughes has taken navigation radar displays a significant step forward. Kelvin Hughes radar displays provide ease of integration into the bridge, modern processor design, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components, reduced cost of ownership while at the same time utilising the detection performance of SharpEye™.

SharpEye™ systems provide the navigator with the ultimate in functionality, safety and reliability - each radar station can be dedicated or multifunction with a single station providing radar, chart radar and Electronic Chart System (ECS), whilst providing continuous back up functionality.

The SharpEye™ radar transceiver does not contain a magnetron. Consequently, no routine maintenance, ultra-high reliability, and low cost of ownership.

Despite the low peak power - especially in poor weather conditions - the detection performance is superior to that of magnetron radars. Clutter suppression is achieved in the SharpEye™ radar transceiver itself. Clever use of a patented pulse sequence, pulse compression and radar return processing ensures that the radar operator is presented with targets and tracks on the display, whilst minimising the clutter from even the severest of rain storms and high sea states.

Meeting commercial vessels IMO type approval requirements the 12kW X-Band upmast magnetron radar features improved target resolution and beam sharpening and is the ideal navigation radar providing a cost effective radar in a simple to install lightweight package.


Leading for more than 60 years

Out on the water, the gear you run could make all the difference between uncertainty and confidence. With our strong commitments to quality and reliability, as evidenced by our broad portfolio of industry awards, Simrad will get you there like no one else.

In addition to delivering equipment you can rely on, we’re also committed to delivering the most forward-thinking and practically-designed equipment on the market.

From our TouchSensible technology, which delivers the perfect hybrid of glass-bridge touchscreen display and all-weather conventional controls, to our cutting-edge Broadband 4G Radar and StructureScan™ HD sonar, we give you the latest technology to let you get the most out of your time on the water.

With a rich history spanning back to 1946, Simrad Yachting was born from the union of many distinguished pioneers in marine technology.

Robertson, Simonsen Radio, Shipmate and Navico represent years of experience in marine autopilot, communications, satellite navigation, electronic chartplotters, echosounders, instrumentation and multifunction displays. The Simrad brand takes its name from Simonsen Radio which like Robertson, began converting surplus radios for use by commercial fishing vessels just after the Second World War.

Our range covers recreational vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts and Sportfishing vessels up to luxury cruisers and superyachts. The Simrad Professional Series offers equipment for search and rescue/patrol boats, work boats, commercial fishing boats, passenger vessels, super yachts and short sea/cargo vessels.


Lowrance HDS® combines with revolutionary Broadband Radar™ technology for the ultimate navigation system.

Introducing a revolutionary radar system unlike anything else on the recreational boating market. Utilizing solid-state technology, these breakthrough radar solutions provide superior target detection and separation, ease of operation, and a new level of navigational safety to a wide range of boats.

The exclusive technology and performance characteristics of Broadband Radar™ make these products an ideal match for most any vessel. Unparalleled resolution and discrimination make it an ideal complement to large radar systems on power and sailing yachts. User-friendly operation makes it an ideal primary radar for small to medium-sized vessels. Its small size, minimal power requirements and safer transmission energy levels open up the advantages of sophisticated radar to all boats.

Lowrance offers two Broadband Radar™ choices; the outstanding Broadband 3G™ Radar and the brand-new, truly exceptional Broadband 4G™ Radar.