Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plants treat waste product (grey or black water) in an environmentally compliant manner allowing it to be discharged into the sea without breaching MARPOL regulation. These units come in a range of sizes suited to various classes of vessel or facility, and are extremely rugged and reliable.


Since 35 years Tecnicomar builds and designs desalination and reverse osmosis water purifiers for marine and civil responding to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The international dimension is achieved through experience, the technological standard of its products and a great attention to the needs of the market served by a commercial and international technical assistance, is the natural consequence of a commitment that sees today among the leading manufacturers the industry worldwide.


Headhunter's team of engineers, fabricators, and wastewater specialists work together to provide the most innovative and efficient sewage treatment solutions. We offer in three categories STP, Physical Chemical MSD, Biological MSDs. All with standard units to custom designed units to fit our customer's needs. Whether it's a space-saving modular unit designed for the bilge of a large megayacht, or a skid-mounted turnkey package complete with lift stations for a jack up rig, and dual language control panels for a foreign navy, the Headhunter team is ready to take on the challenge.