Underwater Lights


Macris Industries LED Lights are manufactured using a unique highly impact resistant composite laminate, resulting in their waterproof, ultra thin profile about the same thickness as a smartphone. For fishing or entertaining, the MIU Series of underwater light is available in the 200mm long MIU-L10, a light ideal for vessels 5-8m, through to the MIU-60 around 600mm long.

Available in a range of colours including white, ice blue, royal blue, green and winter green (aside from MIU-L10 model) the lights are high performance and rival larger competitor models. Also available the Chroma dynamic pixel control model, presents with stunning colour change underwater displays and can be programmed with customised or present colour scheme options to light up surrounding water or wake in a rainbow of colours.

For above water utility lighting, Macris IS Series Low-Profile LED Utility Lights are a cohesive family of ultra-flat surface-mounted LED fixtures designed to replace traditional types of waterproof, drip-proof, and explosion proof engine & utility lighting (i.e. small cage lights up through 4’ fluorescent shop lights). The composite housings are UV resistant, impact resistant, and completely waterproof. When turned off, their transparent housings virtually disappear overhead. The Macris IS Series IS3 Utility light housing is comprised of semi transparent PMMA acrylic, with lens material of PMMA acrylic