MARCO was started in 1970 by Giovanni Marco Franceschini and today has a “state-of-the-art” factory in the field of electric pumps and signal horns, also producing commercially approved bells, electric and air horns for boats, cars and trucks.

In their plant of over 8,000 square meters they manufacture pumps for professional applications in the marine, industrial, automotive and agricultural sectors, using the most advanced equipment for the development and testing of products.

Today the use of advanced technology enables MARCO to reach the highest International Quality Standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 4001 certified), allowing the creation of highly competitive products that are exported daily to over 80 countries.


With over 35 years at the forefront in the design and manufacture, our trade is to combine accuracy, solidness and best craftsmanship.The extensive portfolio of Autonautic Instrumental includes all type of marine compasses, innovative systems for navigation, precise clocks, barometers and weather instruments well balanced up to the detail.All our marine compasses are in compliance with Directive MED/SOLAS 96/98 EC on Marine equipment and its ammendments, to provide you with a compass that guarantees máximum safety in Navigation.Our worldwide customers certify our success over the last 10 years. Exported orders have increased sharply and nowadays more than 50% of our production is shipped to the 5 continents.