Search Lights

Color Light

Swedish manufacturer ColorLight has taken an essential tool of commercial and military vessels, superyachts and leisure boats and completely revolutionised a hitherto traditional approach to provide searchlight solutions of the future – today.

Key attributes of all ColorLight searchlights include:

  • Unlimited movement – thanks to innovative weather-tight slip-ring technology the lights can pan and tilt 360° without any restrictions
  • Intelligent control – multi-function controls can be installed at one or more positions and ColorLight searchlights can also integrate with other systems
  • Extraordinary light – ColorLight has optimised the colour temperature, CLI (Colour Rendering Index) and emission levels to provide superior performance. Plus the twin searchlight head with flexible control and options gives both superior performance and excellent redundancy
  • Solid service – robust stainless steel housings, no external moving parts and superior engineering, plus unit maintenance feedback and fault reporting make ColorLight the number one choice for applications where downtime is simply not acceptable or desirable

Since starting operation as YAMADA SANRITSU COMPANY in December 1917, we have always exerted our utmost efforts in the belief that we will contribute toward the development of society. We have had strong pride in our activities based on such a belief.

Looking back at the past, TAIYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD., was formed in December 1943 through the merger of three companies, Subsequently, we have been engaged in the manufacture of electric equipment for general ships, and fishing boats in particular. Thus, we have been helping to promote the marine era in Japan. Our contribution in this respect has been rated highly in this country.

In June 1949, Taiyo Electric Co., separated its electric marine equipment division, thereby establishing SANSHIN ELECTRIC CORPORATION.

Since then, we at SANSHIN have been active not only in sales of the products of Taiyo but also in the development, manufacture, and sales of electric marine equipment for ships as well as in ship outfitting work. The foundation of SANSHIN's electric equipment business was built in this way.

Currently, we are meeting customer needs for a variety of products ranging from large-sized marine equipment to pleasure boat articles through our domestic and overseas sales networks.