Anti Corrosion

Duralac Clever Corrosion Control

Fight Galvanic Corrosion - Prevent metals becoming weak and brittle

Weakening and corrosion can occur when two dissimilar metals are joined, such as steel and aluminium, or magnesium alloys. Duralac is ideal for preventing this corrosion:

  • Use on masts, winches, aerials, batteries, bolts, screws, rivets and more.
  • Between aluminium alloy plates/extrusions and bolts or rivets used in building applications.
  • In general engineering applications where dissimilar contact cannot be avoided.
  • In vehicle building where aluminium alloy contacts steel.
  • For marine application where corrosion is accelerated by brine concentration.
  • In close proximity to the sea where a salt laden atmosphere will meet with structures and set up electrolytic cells.
  • In aerospace where rivets/bolts are secured into aluminium plates.

Duralac is now available in traditional yellow, and Duralac Green, a new chromate free jointing compound, read on for more information.

Duralac Yellow

  • Supplied ready to use in tins (250ml/500ml or 1L) or squeezable 115ml tubes
  • Duralac has low solubility in water and will not erode with time
  • Free flowing paste based on a synthetic elastic resin and barium chromate
  • 100 Gms/m2 coverage
  • Best applied with a brush
  • Two year shelf life when stored correctly
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